Why do I binge at night?

Do you binge at night?

This is a really common issue for many clients.

You may be doing great during the day, then come home to unwind in the evening, and then it happens, maybe out of nowhere, or perhaps you saw it coming.

Before you know it, you are repeating the same old habits you are trying so hard to stop: binge eating.

If you’re struggling with night binges, realise that you are not alone.

Nights are hardest for many reasons, especially if you feel that you put on a happy facade during the day, and can finally relax and unwind at night with a binge.

But deep down we both know that a binge isn’t what you really need.

You may be soothing yourself with food but it’s a temporary high that brings you even lower when it’s all over.

It is important to understand your own trigger patterns in order to face them and empower yourself to make changes.

There are so many reasons people binge at night, but the most common is daytime restriction.

Before you look at your stress levels, your relationships, your home environment, or any other external factor, make sure you’re eating enough during the day.

If you aren’t eating enough food and balancing your meals and snacks, you’re setting yourself up to binge again.

No amount of emotional work or stress relief will help if your body is in a state of starvation.

So now you’ve looked at your daily meal plan and it seems to contain all the nutrients you need, and enough calories, as well as having meals and snacks spaced appropriately.

What now?

Once you rule out restriction, you can look at these other factors:

  • Emotional Stress

  • Black and White thinking (I ate something “bad” so might as well binge)

  • Exhaustion and fatigue

  • Boredom

  • Loneliness

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • The presence of binge food

  • Triggering comments from family members or room mates

  • Any other contributing difficulties

After identifying your real causes for binging, you can then take action for overcoming them.

Remember that your body’s need to survive will be stronger than any strategies you might try, so the best thing you can do today is to make sure you're eating enough, with balance, often enough.

Hopefully, this information about night binging will help provide some insight as to why this keeps happening.

You are unique, you are strong, and you are worthy of recovery.

If you are looking for support, please don't hesitate to reach out - I'd love to support you and help you reach full recovery and food freedom.

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