Foodie tips to help you budget at university

Updated: Jun 7

“I can’t afford nice food at Uni”… “I live off ramen”… “There’s no way I can afford to eat healthy”

Starting or going back to Uni can be overwhelming. Especially with the added stress and weirdness of the last 18 months. 

Money worries make this a whole lot worse. Hopefully now, you're a little bit into the swing of things but here are some tips to help you budget and save some money.

>> Purchase a flask to make your own teas and coffees rather than buy on route / at the library.☕️

>> Oats are wonderfully cheap, cheerful and fibre rich breakfast.👍🏼

>> Rice, pasta, couscous and other grains are relatively cheap and have a long shelf life, wholegrain varieties will have more fibre. 🍝

>> Cans and tins are your friend - cans of legumes, tomato sauce, coconut milk and tins of oily fish will help save those pennies.🥫

>> Eggs, cheese and legumes are great sources of cheaper protein 👍🏼

>> Meat and fish go further when added to sharing dishes risottos, pies (Shepards, fish, chicken), pastas etc 🥧

>> Buy fruit and veg frozen or from the reduced section and freeze!🍓

>> Buy in bulk - having a friend with a Costco card is always handy 👍🏼

>> Make a plan - it means you’ll be less tempted to overdo the deliveroo (which is totally fine, but spenny)✏️

>> Cook as a group - helps to reduce food waste and always works out cheaper / more fun 👩🏼‍🍳

>> Don’t beat yourself up if university isn’t the most nutritious time of your life, the late-night dominoes is a right of passage - enjoy it all.🍕

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